The Invasion (part 2)

I remember so vividly the silly grin on the face of each teenager that took me in…into the room and shut the door as his mother laid sleep in the living room, and I lay panty less on a nasty bedroom floor. He played with my soft places until I my innocent body began to react, and feel only things a woman should which made me long to come back. My mother would ask me time and again if anyone ever touched me, she used the word in appropriately so I responded no ‘cause I felt lucky. How was I supposed to know that the games they took turns playing with me were gross and really awful?

 All at once my innocence quickly seemed to escape; when I realized what they were doing to me some would consider rape. When the sister finally came home to spend time with me as she had always promised my mom, she noticed I was headed to her brother’s room and wondered why I sobbed. She asked me why I was going there and I said I always do, she waved her fist, yelling at one brother and said this mess is through. So all the times you asked for me, were you looking the other way, while the brothers you knew were sick spent special time with me each day? Or did the encounter you had with me as you saw me passing by, the very room of your dearest sibling with the look of fresh meat in his eyes?

 Seventeen years later, I saw him and the memories came flooding back. Things I had not thought about since that terrible day. Then I found myself whispering, “I forgive you, if not for you for me”. By the time I made through the checkout line I felt totally free. The evil things you did to my body would no longer take its course; because my heart has been penetrated I can cancel the yoke of divorce. Sure the first one that I tried it failed and I was shame, but this marriage I’m in now is sealed in JESUS’ name!


Why do people compare relationships?

It is a deep question that I have been pondering for quite sometime. Therefore I have created a poll to see what type of answers I get before I share what is on my heart about the issue. Please participate! God Bless.

A Satisfying Love

Hey, have you ever been loved so good, that you thought, man if I never experience love again I could live with the memory of you forever!? No. Well I have. The deepest, purest most colorful love walked into my life in April of 2003 and I have never been the same. My husband wooed me with a love so divine, so Christ like that I thought, so this is what God’s love should feel like in human form. I thought to myself, if God called my husband home today there was a strong possibility that I would never marry again, because I would not want anything to taint the memory of what we had.

I often wondered in time past why Coretta-Scott King or Betty Shabazz never remarried, but after having had such an experience I believe it was for that very reason that they chose to remain widows. These women lived in light of unshakeable love, unquenchable faith and intolerable legacy. Who would taint such a satisfying love? Well tonight’s post is more about the love of my Savior that even trumps the love of my earthly husband. For you see, my Savior became broke and broken for me (according to 2 Corinthians 8:9; John 3:16). He bore my sin when He had committed none of His own (Isaiah 53:12). His family turned their backs because of His love for me and He still married me anyways (Matthews 27:46; Ephesians 5:25). Now I would say that’s some kind of love! The bible says, “What is man that thou art mindful of Him”? God’s mind is full of me all day everyday. He is working on my behalf to protect me, provide for me, express his unfailing love towards me in order to bring me in His loving care (Jeremiah 33:3). If you have never experienced a love quite so sacrificial and selfless as this, why not surrender your life to Him, He is still accepting more into the wedding party! If your marriage is dying, try satisfying it with the love that only Christ can give, I did!