Frustrated but Unmotivated: The battle against “Just Enough”


Life .|. God .|. Music

Most people have an inner dreamer: the thing that looks at something in the world, saying “I want that.” We struggle with material lust or covet positions — and if we’re really transparent and superbly honest, we’ve all done it. Typically our lament is “I can’t wait until…” We’ve all seen greener pastures someplace other than beneath our own two feet. As I look around at the lives of my friends and my family, I’m convinced that we are okay with “just enough.” I know every who reads this will say “not me” but before you so quickly decide to tell a half truth, let’s all be humble like disciples around the table at the last supper and say “Lord is it I?”

I’m firmly in this boat with you. I may be writing to only myself, but I asked God to give me wisdom….so I believe that I’m not…

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