How far across your opinion and your personal position are you willing to reach? Over the stump? Image

Many have lost limbs and vital organs in relationships. Some have come away feeling dark and empty; others left battered and scarred. Fewer still walk away with the perspective that they got what they wanted out of the deal. However, we all COM-PROMISE. This phrase jumps out at me like a rat spotting cheese for the first time.

See we all “come promising” something. We come promising that we will be understanding of the flaws of others, when we know good and well we can barely stomach our own. We come promising to love always and leave never, when the truth is that was a fleeting thought at its conception. We all come promising that we will give it all we’ve got until all we had felt like too much and we stopped short of given a lot. Well, maybe it’s the other way around, We all “come w/promise”. 

No one in a relationship is perfect, not even the wife who never stepped out on her husband even after she found evidence that he did. No I’m not perfect even though I have loved through some hard adversities, loving even in the times when I wondered if he still saw me…even I’m not perfect. I’ve struggled with my own inward battles, had flaws that brought me to my knees, but one thing I learned from this relationship is that I am right where I’m supposed to be. I, he, we came with promise and lest I forget, the Master reminds me daily that He’s not done with me yet! So, I have to meet my spouse somewhere along the way. Finding common ground is inevitable if we search, seek and pray. Oh if the tie that binds us close together seems its wearing thin, I’ll just take my pillow from the bed, bow my knees and pray again. I realize for some that answer may not be the one they choose, but sticking with God is always right and with Him you will not lose! Compromise is key if you intend to see the God of the bible come to life in your reality.


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