Unrecognizable Tears

Why do I shutter at the tears of another as though I’ve not seen any of my own? Why does it strike me as odd when they cry and the depths of their soul spills onto their cheeks? Why does my tongue remember the saltiness of those that have run down my face – before I recall those are not my tears at all they are the calculated failures I failed to erase. Your tears my sister, your tears my brother are not so unrecognizable to me. I too cried when he stopped calling, moaned when she whispered to others, and walked in circles hesitating confrontation. Yes your tears I can Identify, even though your eyes are the ones that leak, I have a funny feeling I can relate to that which makes your knees buckle and your laughter weak.

Tears are unrecognizable to the happy soul who just got the promotion, but not to the one who recently lost a job. Unrecognizable are the tears of a struggling mother with a paycheck too small to purchase new shoes while the bullies at school laugh at her babies and teachers call her a lazy fool. Although her struggle is foreign to many we’ve all taken a ride on despair’s bus. The tears of a music teacher are unrecognizable to the football coach with a thriving team. Did she pour her heart in to a program that was sure to lose? No!

So what do we do when we realize the shoes of those around us are too big? I tell you what we do when their tears are their food and no one seems to care, we will stand on the shoulders of another, lifting us above the crowd. When we’ve reached our climactic peak we reach down and pull them higher. If we choose to look beyond the constant flow of water falling from their face, we will recognize that within their tears all the pain washed away. The deeper we look the clearer we see that the tears we’ve seen is a clear picture of John 3:16.

Love at the Hem


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