Let My Words Please

Talking Heads

Many times our words are not seasoned with salt or peppered with grace. We yell at those we don’t mean to, and we are short with those who are the most patient toward us. Why is this? Often times it is because life has a way of pushing us to our limits. Not to mention that the people who are used as our “limit pushers” tend to do so from a distance. Therefore, the ones closest to us are the ones who experience the wrath saved up for the LPs. Well not me, not any more!

Recently, I caught myself spraying stink bombs with my words, and my stares at people who had absolutely nothing to do with my limits. So I decided that I would make a conscious decision to choose my words carefully, to be purposely loving to those around me, and to breathe before responding. It is almost as if I have a movie director in my head with a “take marker” telling me, STOP – now take 2 scene 4, just before I lose my mind on some undeserving soul.  

This blog spot is titled fighting4us, because everyday I have to intentionally decide to fight for the relationships I love. The main relationship I have to contend for regularly is my marriage. Many times my unloving, unpleasing words are directed toward my spouse who at times plays the role of “limit pusher”. But my verbal interaction with him could add wood to the fire or estinguish it altogether. 

You see, in my eyes it is my responsibility as a Christian first and a wife second to find grace for the moment; pausing and carefully re-evaluating my thoughts and motives for what I am about to say befor the words recklously leave my lips. When I speak I must remember that the words I say can be forgiven but they may never be forgotten.

Therefore, my prayer has become, “Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight…because you are my strength [rock] and my redeemer” Psalm 19:14. God saves me from myself daily! He rescues my words before they hit the open air, and I damage relationships forever! So I say, let my words please.


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