Love at the 2nd Hand Store

Love at the 2nd hand store you say? Oh yeah! You may never understand the unorthodox way one could find love in a thrift store, so that’s why I’m writing. People search the world over looking for love. They often wonder can it be found in the arms of a prince charming (a congressman, a senator, the principle or the trainer at their favorite gym). Others wonder if miss perfect is waiting around the bend (the run-way model, the house wife who does all her house work in heels, or the one who’s just like momma). When real love could be staring them right in the face, wearing glasses, tennis shoes or riding the bus.  Love, the magic between two people who come alive when they realize that all they want to do is be with one another. You know the magic moment that happens in the movies when two friends laugh hysterically and one touches the others hand a little longer than usual, they stop laughing, their eyes meet and they lean in for a kiss. That moment…

Well last week I had that moment while combing the isles of a 2nd hand store with my husband. I learned early in life that I could get more for my money by shopping for needs in a thrift store.  Therefore, the 2nd hand store is one of my favorite places to shop. He being considerate, took note of my shopping pleasure and whisks me away to one of the best 2nd hand store I have ever been to. Then he tells me to put everything I like in the basket and there was no limit! NO LIMIT! Oh my gosh. Thank you Jesus. Usually, I have trouble finding nice things that fit since I’m a plus size girl. So, shopping trips for me are usually extremely disappointing. None the less, NO LIMIT, means NO LIMIT! LOL.

As I combed the isles I would look up to see where he was and if he was still approving of the amount of items I had when I noticed that he was searching harder than me for suitable attire.  We shared a glance and he smiled. The more I found the more he searched. We filled the basket to the brim. He followed me to the dressing room and stood outside the door handing me piece after piece until I had tried them all on. Every time I raised the dressing room curtain his eyes lit up as if it were the first time he lay eyes on me. He made me feel like his queen and he my king. I fell in love all over again with my husband my friend in a 2nd hand store. It wasn’t the money he spent or the fact that he took me shopping, it was the loving way he cared for me that day. He joined me in my world. He took time days before to see what this store had to offer for me. He made sure I was set up for success. He removed all possibility of  disappointment for me, because he took note. That is why I say, I found love at the 2nd hand store. This one is a keeper!


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