Go get your Valentine

As we talked over the phone today, Valentines, the most special day of the year for us, my husband and I shared about the depths of  Hosea’s love in the Bible. The backdrop to this story is a loving relationship between a man who loved God and served Him with all his heart and a woman who barely knew God’s name, but she was called to be his wife. God paints the portrait of his love through the window of this relationship.

Gomer, a prostitute of that time, left her husband and her children abandoning all responsibility of what one would call a wife. She went into the street and  sold herself to the lowest bidder and in some cases she even gave herself away. She became everybody’s woman. Her husband loved her so much, that he was willing to pay everything he had to buy her back. He was a true valentines day gift. His Valentines day came more than February 14th, he went and got her more than once. You know it is hard for a man to part with his money.

Men tend to struggle over what they should buy for this day, and how much they would spend. However, he would clean her up, and prepare her to be a wife again only to lose her as he slept. He was left to tend to the children and secure them to the point where they would not wonder where mother was. He cared for children who didn’t even bear his name. But he forgave her again and again. Just when he was ready to give up, the Lord sent him one final time, and commissioned him to restore her with the promise that she would never find anyone else’s arms to comfort her.  she was looking for love in all the wrong places, when true love was sitting at home waiting for her all the time.

The bible never said she wanted to go back, but she had to go to the owner of the deed. Her husband bought her back from the last bidder. Our husband (Christ) has bought us back from Satan. Maybe you can’t buy her roses or chocolate today, but you can pray that the hold of the enemy would be broken off her heart. Let your intercession, your prayer life between you and the Master call her back into your arms. For she is your lover, your wife and the wife your youth. From My Baraka, (My Gift) Michael K.


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