An Extraordinary Wife

It is said that a wife is often the crown of her husband. She is the representation of everything that is good in him. Wow! There is a story told in the bible about a woman who was so extraordinary that she was described by her physical attributes and character within the same description of her husband. The author nearly interrupts his thought to describe the trophy on this man’s arm because of her delightful countenance. Then it picks up and begins to speak about this horrible man.

Take a moment to get your bible or find an online version of the story found in 1 Samuel 25…it is well worth reading. The wife Abigail decided to protect her husband’s reputation and save the life of her lineage. What a brilliant woman. She was strategic in her actions and careful in her calculations of what might happened as she approached the Warrior anointed as soon to be King David. Abigail did not speak of her husband to David as if he was an innocent man. In fact she spoke of his short comings first, and requested that David would look beyond his faults and spare her family. Sometimes as wives our husbands make some bad choices that we have to smooth over the reprecussions of. Your man has to stand before God for the things that he has done to steward your family; therefore, you want to try and help him do this in the most joyful way possible.

Abigail was able to save her family by her creative yet respectable approach to the Warrior who had vowed to pay her husband back with death to his bloodline. She was wise enough to hold back her strategy from her husband as it would have been seen as embarrassing and out of line until she knew that he could soberly receive the news of her behavior. Unfortunately, he was ignorant to the fact that what she did was for the benefit of him and her family, yet he was malevolent toward her. He was so angry with her for interfering that it killed him. But his death free her from the bondage of an ogre like her husband. Her wisdom as a wife was so noble that she was able to marry the King. An extraordinary wife takes risks to help her family achieve life as their best self. She knows when to speak and when to hold back. She is the type of wife that other women only strive to become. She is simply EXTRA!


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