Strip yourself and start new

New love, new life, new thoughts that’s right…strip yourself of everything you previously knew about love. Love didn’t start between the sheets or over the phone, love started with a glance over an ice cream cone. Love didn’t start over a picture in a magazine it started from the moment you contemplated the ring. How much do we really know about this thing called love?

Love takes on many shapes and sizes, its broad, wide long and deep…love for many can be a treat. However, when you look at love and start to compare the last of your lovers you come up bare…love does not make comparisons it refuses to reflect on where it’s been to give the new love a chance to happen. Excuse my thoughts as I ramble on, I feel as though I’m writing a song. Now strip yourself and let’s move on.

I have watched many relationships crash and nearly burn playing the comparison game the other never really learns…learns how to caress, stroke, embrace or accept what is reality now and how much depth- is wrapped inside the new relationship. Strip yourself I said, for you can not compare the one who now dwells in your bed. Many of us need to purge our perception of affection. What does a soft kiss on the cheek do for you, a meal when your weary and feeling blue? What is a hug compared to a squeeze it’s like the difference between a cough and a sneeze. Love is just like apple pie you must cut it in order to get the good inside.


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