Back Door Lover

The Lord gave me an analogy today about how we treat Him like a back-door lover. He showed me a woman pushing a man out of the back door of her home to avoid being caught in his company when either a disapproving family member or friend arrives or her primary love interest returns home. I saw the woman standing against the door reminding the man behind it to “be quiet” as to not draw attention to the situation. He said to me, first of all the man is a punk if he runs in the first place; because anything right has no need to be hidden. God desires for His people to know that He is not willing to be pushed out any longer, while our lover,  Satan, comes in the house and makes himself comfortable. In many of our lives he holds the remote control to the television, he listens to the radio station with us, he sits at the dinner table and dines all while the Master is on the back porch waiting to be retrieved or reintroduced to the setting.

This analogy reminds me that many of our intimate relationships with our spouse, soon to be spouse or hope to be spouse is a reflection of such behavior. Many times we push the needs, wants, desires, joys of the other person out the door to be handled by another while we waste time entertaining our own fleshly desires. However, what’s so sad about this scenario is the fact that we have a hard time dealing with the reality that by the time we have gone back to the door to retrieve our lover, we find that he/she has already gone. They got tired of waiting!!! How do you retrieve something that has gone on, and moved away from the last place you left it? You don’t. You have to invite the person to be upset with you, express that pain frustration or anger in a healthy manner and ask them to forgive you. Then if you sincerely desire that person back, you have to get rid of the intruder that you let come in the house and get comfortable while your one true love was waiting at the back-door.

The back-door can symbolize any place in your life where you have pushed that person in a holding pattern while you dealt with your own foolishness, be it old lovers, negative thoughts, low self-esteem, intolerance, impatience, disrespect or just plain unconcern. Whatever your back door is toward your mate and your God, stop using it! Reserve that space for trash to be discarded until it is picked up and dumped once and for all. Let your true love back into your house (the heart) and give him or her a tour of every room, and let them decide where they are most comfortable. Work together and communicate. That person needs to resist going toward that (spiritual) back door ever again!  Yes sometimes marriage and relationships can be difficult but hang in there and bare with one another. 2 Corinthians 11: 20-3.


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