Why hurt someone you love?

I don’t understand how a person can beat on and abuse someone they claim they love. How can the words I love you come out of your mouth when your hand is raised in disdain to strike me? Was it something I said, or something you did? You can’t tell me “I love you” when you continue to punish me for being myself, well who else can I be?

Why approach me with negative phrases that are non-complimentary, when you interrupted my peace and replaced it with this insanity! Come to me with truth and stop lying to my face, if you don’t really want me move around and give someone else your place. You are taking up…you’re truly just taking up space.

Have you decided in your heart that you are moving on, but you could never see yourself leaving me alone. Go ahead cause the truth is you are already gone. Look at me and tell me the truth, since you already know I have the proof. No, I didn’t go through your pockets to find the dirt all I did was stand back and watch you flirt. Go ahead walk out the door, because striking me ain’t happenin’ no more. I’ve realized my worth and it’s not found in you, so the next time you creep I swear we’re through.

Trying to hold on to something that was dead long ago, is like shining shoes for a ball on a dirt dusty floor. There is nothing left of us when to me your hand you raise, cause all those days of lovin’ have been cluttered by this hatred haise. I love you, Lord knows I do, but I will walk away before I kill myself loving you.

I have struggled long enough with the notion that you were gone, now I’m happy that I finally realize it wasn’t you that made me strong. Yes, I lost myself as I wrapped up in your flesh, but one thing I know is that loving me is what’s truly best. So why hurt someone you love if you’ve ever loved them at all? Because the way you treat them will be your worst down fall. Come back to yourself oh love and find tranquility within, for if you don’t soon find yourself, the sin you’re in will win!


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