Trusting your partner

DON’T! What do you mean don’t? Don’t trust your partner, trust your God. Only the Lord can offer guidance to your spouse in the way you need it. Your God knows everything about you. He is concerned about the smallest things that concern you. He does not want you to fret over life’s emotional insecurities. He wants you to know that He’s got you. When you are not around, He is always there. You cannot control your spouse nor anything that they do. The person you love the most may hurt you, are you prepared to love them after the pain. If you are not and you are only engaged, don’t get married! If you are married and not prepared to love in this manner, be reminded by the Holy Spirit how you have been loved by your savior when you were undeserving.

Having a memory of my own faults has kept me from holding my partner hostage to his past failures. We all have a past. The beautiful thing about love is that it helps you leave things in the past and try to move forward with a clean slate. Ok he/she cheated on you where do you go from here? Is your relationship worth salvaging? Can you work to trust him or her again? Have you lived more good days than bad together? Have you fought a common enemy together to accomplish a unified goal? If you have, than you can get past this. She has lied to your face on many occasions what will it take for her to gain your trust?

What a manipulative spirit he has, and I’m tired of it? Sound like your relationship? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Stand still! Pray, and bust the devil upside the head with the word of God. Let the Word do the work. It will change, if we can only hold out! Get you some real good in the corner on your knees prayer and snottin’ partners they will carry you when you can no longer carry yourself. Trusting your partner can be a monster, a mess or a ministry. Take your pick!


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