Pillow Talk speaking candidly

Please let me preface by saying it is 1 am and I am extremely tired. Enjoy!

What is your idea of Pillow Talk? Is it talked about the children after they’ve gone to bed? Was it the argument with your boss or the random thoughts in your head? Is it time spent ranting about the short-comings of your spouse? Or about things he or she failed to do within the house? What is your idea of Pillow Talk? Many couples consider pillow talk the time to recap the failures, successes and unfinished business of the day. That is not at all what pillow talk should be. This type of communication should never involve the words, “Honey I’m tired not tonight”, “I have a headache or maybe later”. No pillow talk is mood stirring conversational talk.

Look, I’m not saying that you should never be too tired to make love to your spouse, but what I am saying is that the phrase “Honey I’m tired” should not happen more than three times per month (i.e. when she’s on her womanly or one or the other is tired)… and dear God! keep your fasting to a minimum with the approval of your spouse so that you do not open a doorway for the devil with your deep self. Practice fasting together as a team, therefore when the fast is over, it’s over for both people at the same time.

Here’s what I am really saying, intimacy is a vital part of marriage. It is the key to reunification and reconciliation. According to Ephesians 5:31 the two become one

Whenever my husband and I have failed to see eye to eye, after we have worshiped our God together through intimacy our bond grows closer. Sorry, it may appear that I got side tracked but that is not the case. Pillow talk is the tool used to bring about intimacy (or in to me I let you see). So now that you know what it does, than let me give you a few pointers on what pillow talk should be about…


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