Love is a Choice

Why do people think it’s okay to say they’ve fallen out of love with their significant other? When the word  fallen connotes that the one expressing love had no control over the part they played in the demise of the relationship. Love is a choice! Therefore we either choose to show it or possess it for someone or not. Shouldn’t we love the ones that are not so loving toward us? or should we seek revenge for the pain inflicted upon us as they moved away?

Many in this current age, start their marriage with the end in mind, contemplating the next best thing if it doesn’t work out. You know, a disaster emergency mentality {if there is not a spare on the side or a separate bank account to fall back on, the marriage is over}. Take it from me, a former divorcee; the word divorce does not stop the pain nor settle the issues at hand. Divorce only ends one chapter of pain and begins a new one. For some, this was an era of release for them from being the “ball and chain”, but for others the D-word represents the death of a dream.

When man and woman were created, they were joined together by God in unity and in holy matrimony as a mirror of God’s love for His people. Unfortunately, that picture became distorted and smudged by the sin they allowed to over take them. According to 1 Peter 3:1-2 If a wife would subject, submit, allow her husband to lead by conducting herself with respect and purity not swelling up at him and trying to force him to do as she pleases (or as she expects according to God’s word) than He will not have a problem taking the spiritual lead.

But hold on brothers, you don’t get away that easy. 1 Peter 3:7 note that you are to dwell with her in an understanding way, showing honor to her knowing that she expresses the softer side of you. The author proceeds to answer the anticipated question; Why? by simply saying, first, she is your sister(joint heir) in Christ  and secondly, because you want your prayers answered. Sounds like to me that love is a choice and if we want God’s favor we must choose, to love, regardless.


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