Did you Focus on the vows?

“For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part”. It’s mighty funny that the only part of this phrase that most women hear is: For better, richer, in health and only death will part us, and all the men hear is blah, blah, blah…honor, obey and we’re stuck till death! But what if worse lasts longer than better, poorer hangs around much longer than richer and sickness is the only thing we’ve known? Then the only way most of us see getting out of something that horrible is death! Ha ha ha. Funny isn’t it, or is it?

Many women spend years planning the perfect wedding, searching for the right dress, dreaming up the perfect fantasy family, and scoping out the left hand of every good-looking single guy who struts by. What is she looking for? A ring of course. She needs to know if he is free enough to possibly be her “Mr. Right”. But is he “Mr. Right” or better suited for “Mr. Right Now”? So what do I consider marriage material? Marriage material is a person who is intently looking for a spouse and has gotten his or her life in order well enough to add someone else to the equation without smothering them with the baggage that is already in their lives.

Some days you may think you got Mr. or Mrs. Right, and others the right now character afore mentioned. But whomever you have in your bed…if you have said the vows, signed on the dotted line and have the ring to prove it…you need to make them your Mr. or Mrs. right forever! Work on loving them even when they are unlovely…


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